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My first critique... so here goes nothing... When I first set eyes on this I must say I was impressed, REALLY impressed. The wolf here ...





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Sassan Alexandre Adl
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It was July, well in the middle of summer, in the north of France practically hugging Paris' city center... and it was cold!!!
Well, I sampled the weather in Paris and it was totally unexpected! I was told it was going to be hot and stuffy up there! My dad had people tell him that too. So we both packed for hot stuffy weather and what we got was wind and rain.... brilliant!
Despite that, I still had a time in Paris, a time I'll write about in detail below. So sit back and grab some popcorn!

...was rather uneventful. I was the only one on the train for the most part.
That said, moving over land at about 300kph did bring the clouds into perspective. Standing still the clouds move slugishly by like this white flatness, but moving fast brought a lot of depth to them. I could easily see what part of a cloud was closer to the ground and how far. Surprisingly, not many of the clouds were that far from the ground, making me feel rather a bit smaller.
After the first stop a single young guy came aboard. I drew a sketch out of boredom eventually from three of my characters and gave it to him. He looked like I gave him a priceless treasure... like the lost ark or something... despite to me it was just a quick shaded sketch.
The hope for sunny weather got diminished long before I ever arrived in Paris. Thos now very in-depth clouds also showed me a very in-depth picture of all the weather fronts and developements in the sky... and it showed rainy dark kilometer-long moon-curved cloud banks.
I was not surprised to see my dad at Le Gare de Lyon without my two brothers, the weather had become terrible there.
He was, though, with a guy named Parvis. He didn't speak English but he spoke French and Farsi with my dad. Turned out he was like our guide to Paris, so considering his name and role it didn't take long for me to nickname him "Paris" :XD:
When I came to the apartement that my dad had rented for our stay there I did as if I was there when Parvis and my dad entered (they played along), Daniel, the eldest little brother from my fathers side, decided to take a peak outside and thats when he saw me.
Instead of bursting out in excitement he just stood and stared with this big shy grin. I enetered and there was the younger brother from my fathers side, Emil, also staring at me with a big shy grin.
Guess thats what happens when you don't see eachother for almost four years. (I have to admit, wasn't sure what to say myself).
Daniel then just gave me his present (with that same big smile).
Boy what a good present that is; 24 Faber Castell watercolor pencils!
Like... awesome!
When we finally did start talking we didn't stop till it was like 2 am!
Dinner was... very classically my dad; dry rice with fried salmon pieces... no herbs, salt or anything, just rice and fish. Where did his cooking skills run off to? :XD:
Afterwards I took pictures of everybody. My dad must've been drunk from the wine he was drinking because he can't rember me taking his picture, despite the fact he even smiled for the camera!
After that we went to bed.
There wasn't a bed for me so a bed had to made.
What it ended up as was this matress of layered blankets.
Not the most comfortable bed, but not the worst either.

-empty train:…
-my two brothers:…
-left to right, Parvis and my dad:…
-Dina, the mother of my two brothers:…


The first day in Paris.
It had stopped raining and left us overcast with a thick hase of clouds, so it was a good opportunity to look around and see what this "City of Light" is all about.
We all ate a quick breakfast and took the metro to some... place I forgot the name of (actually... don't expect me to remember the names to any of the places I went ^^;).
But what I saw left me a slight bit intimidated.
When walking out of the metro station the first thing I saw was this ugly white square thing that was open in the middle... but it was HUUUUGGEEE!!!!!
Possably the biggest and fatest building thing I've seen so far!
Then when I looked around I noticed we were on a square with an assortement of sky-scrapers around it and to giant shopping malls.
Oh sure, all you guys in the US are probably shrugging this off; New York has bigger scrapers, but I never saw one... or so many in one place.
Here's some imagery:…………………
(Yeah, thats me ->)……

For goodness knows what reason we went inside a shopping mall... just to take pictures of the inside. Apparently some architect made the inside or something. I didn't see the point; instead of a bland, noisy building with too many people it was a stylish, noisy building with too many people.... yay.
I did take a picture from Emil, and he looks pretty cute too:…

We then went to the shopping mall on the otherside to... um... look for a t-shirt? It wasn't quite clear why, but we entered a couple of clothes shops, but bought nothing. We did buy some donuts.
I chose a caramel one... but somehow I do not enjoy caramel as much as my own. Just doesn't taste the way I want it to. Always too sweet and seriously missing some salt.
We went out then and walked along the skyscrapers in direction of the Victory Gate far off:…………

I counted four buildings belonging to banks, two to fuel companies, a whole assortement of insurance companies and of course France's electrical company.
In between the skyscrapers on another square stood two pieces of modern "art"... of wich one looked like one of the creations my brother Joey once made from colored clay (only a trifle bigger):…

And another that looked like a clean colorful pile of bent scrap metal (wouldn't be surprised if it was):…

There was some real art though. I was told this statue was meant to represent France in some way?:…

We went on our way again and discovered some scrapers wich tried look as bland as possable or as artistic as possable, all the while looking as serious and modern as possable:…………

At the end of the walkway and at another metro station we finally got to see he Victory Gate from afar through some more modern art:…

Now that was something I really wanted to see!
Though I must admit it looked more impressive in real life at that distance than I could capture on the cruddy little camera I had with me.
A short enough metro trip and some lunch in a McD (yuck >_<) and we got to see the Victory Gate up close:…

Too bad we didn't actually go up the building. The place where the Victory Gate stands is called "Place de Etoile" because the roundabout going around the arch is made of brick pavement and decorated as a multi-pointed star (seven points? I'm not sure). But it is only noticable when seeing the roundabout from up top.
We walked along the shopping street just for... well, the sake of walking down a shopping street I suppose. But along the way we found a shop-like thing from Mercedes that had some of its best cars on display. Since it was free to enter I just had to take a look!……………………

After a while of walking we came to the Champs Elysee with a theater playing "Moi, Augustus, Empereur de Rome" and the statue of Charles de Gaulle.………

Moving on, we went passed the obelisk Napoleon swiped from Egypt during his conquest and over a bridge with a view of the Eifell tower.………

We then walked through a garden filled with statues of what I was told depected the Greek gods among a whole load of other things. There was a café we rested at for a bit. I had a cup of tea, the others had either coffee or hot chocolate. Emil, who like drinking only mouse-amounts and eating tid-bits drank maybe only a fifth of his chocolate milk, so I drank the rest just as we went.………………
(Being bitten by a snake is like... totally the best time to smell your armpit)………

Then we came to this place I recognised almost instantly! So many pictures I've seen from that place in travel megazines or as the front cover for National Geographics. Emil also recognised it, but for a differant meaning; when we were walking he exclamed "Oooohh!!! This is where the Mona Lisa is from leonardo Da Vinci!! And painting from Michealangello!". I was hoping that meant we were actually going to go into the museum and see some awesome painter's work but... we just stayed outside a bit and moved on. I did manage to get some really nice pics though:………………………………

We went home then, it was already evening, and some of us were getting hungry. At home Dina made food while Emil went and pulled my far too large shoes on and started dancing and taunting me with them.
It was so funny I shot a small vid from it:…

We later went out again because we wanted to see the Eiffel tower at night and look down apon a glowing city. Sadly enough, despite being able to see the tower at night, we could summit it because otherwise we'd miss the last metro home. There was maintanance on the lines and thus the metro wouldn't run all night.
I did manage to get some awesome images from the tower and one video:…………
And here's the vid:…

Because we couldn't go that night we decided to go the next day.
And that brings us to...


One of the things I went to Paris for besides looking at the beautiful sites in the ugly city was to change my out-of-date passport at the Danish Consultant. Wich meant going back to the Place de Etoile where both the Danish Consultant building and the House of Denmark building was. There was some panick from my dad's side as he believed I needed my French citizen number in order to qualify for a Danish passport. I was fool enough to believe him, so I posted a message  to my brother's facebook telling him about it.
Turns out it was totally unecissary, I have a Danish citizen number in my passport and thats all I need.
To get to the Place de Etoile I had to take the same metro lines I took yesterday with the rest of the guys. Though instead of going straight to my destination I decided to pass the Champs Elysee again with that statue of Charles le Gaulle, and walk the rest of the way. Walking was certainly a lot more comfortable and healthy than sitting stuffed up in a tiny and noisy train (I made a small video of that experiance):…

I decided to make another picture of my destination when I came close enough, I thought the Victory Gate looked quite nicely behind the traffic and the whole row of French flags:…

It is extremely hard to miss the House of Denmark.
It has "Maison du Danemark" written on it in giant golden letters and then again in English on a giant plack on the front.
Its two flags also dwarfs the multitude of thin French flags lining both sides of the street. It was like THERE, a DANISH presence!!:…

After sorting out my passport at the Danish Consultant I went and tried a milkshake at a McD.
How I know a large milkshake from the McD is the way they serve them in Ireland; the sizes for soft drinks apply to the sizes of milkshakes... so a large milkshake is A LOT of milkshake and doesn;t taste all too bad either.
I thought "well... the milkshakes of France are terrible... but hey, this is Paris we're talking about".
I will never buy a milkshake in France EVER again!
For €2, the "large" milkshake was the size of a small soft drink, only slightly wider, and had something like strawberry jelly/jam stuff on the bottom... while I just asked for vanilla... ONLY vanilla! Jesus Christ!
I went straight home afterwards.
There I helped Daniel trying to solve a problem he had with Luigi's Mansion on his 3DS XL and then I started drawing a Marvel/DC crossover picture for Emil, having drawn a video game crossover picture for Daniel already.
When my dad came home we ate lunch and went for the Eiffel tower again, this time with the determind intention of going up it, to the very tippy top. Before we acually came to the tower I decided to make some more picture of it from a distance and some of the statues on the square where I stood:………………………

The waiting line to go actually into the Eiffel tower was....... epic.
I mean... crap! It took FOR-EVER to just get to the part where one actually buys tickets... then there was still that waiting line afterwards. Shit. It seriously took nearly two hours to get there!
I took a small vid at the very end of the waiting line where we climbed up one of pilons to get to the elevator:…

Finally up, I didn't find many landmarks to actually take pictures of. Most of the buildings were just bleak and pale colored. Of the landmarks that WERE of any intrest I made a whole bunch of pictures ^^ :
(the place I was just the day before, with all those skyscrapers):………
Here was my attempt at making something like a panoramic picture:……………
Just... snapping away:……

Seriously, what the devil is that!? I mean, it stands completely on the oposite side of where the skyscraper cluster all lonely... and among the bleakest possable buildings its totally colored black! It stood out like a sore thumb. Space Odyssey 2001 anyone?:…

The park under the tower was pretty nice looking from the top:……………

At Daniel's request, I took paper with me and quartered the pages so we could make 8 paper airplains or gliders to launch off the tower. Unfortunately, the tippy top was closed for one reason or other, so we had to be content with throwing them off the center section.
Daniel made a rather messy looking classic dart, and Emil requested I made one too for him. I had a differant plane design in mind, one with more weight in the center than the fron and a broader wing-span.
When Daniel and Emil threw their plains Daniels practically crash-landed, Emils dart flew down very quickly, but mine kept gliding for ages and ages and ages and eventually soft-landed as a small white pinprick right next to a bunch of people walking in the park. I thought I saw one pointing at the plane as it landed and another pick it up.
Afterwards, while my dad was buying something to eat I snapped a ground-to-up shot from both my brothers:……

It was evening already and we went down by the stairs of the Eiffel tower.
Along the way this dressed up women asked me to take a picture of her with her cherry-colored camera, and so I did. Thats when I noticed the sky was looking pretty nice for another picture, so I took one:…

Finally off the tower, I heard we were underway to a Turkish restaurant and discovered how hungry vI actually was. That said, I had my hunger very quickly forgotten when we passed a house completely covered in greenery allsorts:………
Parvis told me it belonged to a museum that displayed exsotic plants from all over the world.
But like every museum we went past in Paris, we... just contineued right past it and never entered.
The Turkish food was pretty nice, albeit a little too meaty... as in, when I ordered a mushroom dish with veal the entire dish basically consisted of veal and nothing much else. But it tasted great all the same.
Outside the restaurant was yet another archway. No idea what it was for, but it looked pretty nice:…

After that we went home and tucked into bed.


We went as early as possable away from the apartement in order to get to Disneyland the earliest possable.
Apparently Paris didn't agree with that.
The women at the infodesk wasn't informative about the tickets in the slightest bit, and having to translate for my dad the whole time (since he didn't speak a work of French) also took its time. Finally the infodesk women was kind enough to give me a ticket that was only valid til 5 past 12 noon (I found out only afterwards when we were trying to get home).
Then the metro line 11 got cut off at Arts et Metiers... meaning we had to walk all the way to Place de Chatalet and take the metro there.
Along the way though I got to see this building that looked like a gas refinery with colors all slapped onto it. I was told it was a library... and more than a library because it was also an engineering concept for it contained no concrete in its construction. Didn't save it from looking ugly though :XD:……

Chatalet itself was another matter though. It looked actually quite nice.
Somehow, whoever the lord commissioned to build that thing, managed to get as much detail and artistic elaboration on the small tower without it becoming a messy eye-pain:…

After sitting a few hours in the A-line train (playing games on Daniels iPhone while he listened to music) we arrived at the Disneyland station.
By gods everything looked so squeeky clean there I was almost tempted to buy an icecream just so I could drop it on the floor and eat it.
The entrance to Disneyland park looked like a bloody Barbie play-house!……

You would not BELIEVE the price to get in!
€88 for an adult, and children over 10 get counted as one! That meant only Emil got the discount price! In the end we spent over €400 just to get in!
What did we find when we entered? More places to spend an extremely large amount of money on!
The amount of shops, butiques, restaurants and emporiums quadrupled the amount of free rides there were. On top of that, there were a whole bunch of things, like the shooting range, the mini bowling ally and such that you had to pay extra money for to do!
Seriously, the amount of rides in Disneyland park could be counted on two hands, and are as follows:
The space mission rollercoaster
The Indianna Jones rollercoaster
The goldmine rollercoaster
The futurecar slow-ride
The Star Wars simulator.
The ghost house
The Pirates of the Carribean boat ride
The fairyland boat ride
And three kinds of merry-go-rounds (one in teacups, one on horses and one in minature space rockets).
Thats it. The rest of the park is all filled with decorated walkways containing tonnes of shops.
Seriously, I wouldn't recommend going to Disneyland to anybody.
I did make some pictures and three videos (one for entering the park, one from the Star Wars simulator that wasn't actually allowed (didn't upload it yet), and one from the ghost house, because that was possably the best one):………………………………

Entering the park vid:…
And the ghost house ride (but don't expect to see much):…

I was dead tired in the end, after trying every ride but the Indiana jones one or any of the merry-go-rounds (like, whats the fun in that? :XD:).
But Daniel managed to squeeze an extra 20 minutes from my dad as he wanted to try the Indianna Jones rollercoaster (wich we hadn't tried before because of a size limitation that meant Emil couldn't go).
I was really glad to go to sleep that night.


No pictures from this day exsist. Nothing much happend but in the end of the day, and that was going to a swimming pool, so I didn't want to take my camera to anything wet.
To my utter dismay I had to stay home with Daniel and Emil while Dina and my Dad went to visit a museum. I mean... I would've LOVED to go to a museum!
A well...
At least I got the chance to finish the superhero drawing I started for Emil, and even managed to make Daniel's choice from my list of species (he chose me to draw a Hunter).
I also took the time to sort out my pictures, and seriously try out the 3DS (and made the conclusion that Nintendo seriosuly needs to put some research into improving their 3D technology).
In the evening my dad finally came home with Dina, who made a late lunch.
Afterwards we were off to the waterpark.
The water park wasn't cheap either, but at least spades cheaper than Disneyland park, and tons of more fun!
That is, when we finally got in.
There was trouble about our swimming pants.
The rule there was that no swimming shorts were allowed, but we had swimming pants that were only one-third the length of a swimming shorts.
So after my dad bought the tickets for me, Daniel and Emil, after they left us and after we undressed we were stuck not allowed to go in and Parvis nor Dina answered the phone when I tried calling them with dads phone.
On top of that, the phone was given to us practically out of battery power and with credit for only a few calls... calls that were spent trying to get through to them as they didn't pick up.
Lucky enough after nearly an hour of trying to contact and mulling about thinking what to do now I found there was a swimming pants vending machine just outside the waterpark!
I had my money with me, so for €30 I could buy a swimming pants that was allowed to go in for each of us, and thats when the fun began.
That waterpark had.. like TWELVE DIFFERANT KINDS OF EPIC WATERSLIDES!!! Seriously!! It was AWESOME!
One of the twelve was one where you used a three persons inflatable raft and it went from inside to outside, through a whole bunch of sharp covered and none covered bends and back inside again!
There was even a giant chess game. I played a match with an older man, nearly beat him, but got beaten myself in the end. Didn't go down easy though, I had stripped him practically of every useful piece.
After that it was 9pm and time to go.
We rejoined with my dad and ate at the local McD (ugh).
I decided to try the pizza they sold instead of another burger again.
As soon as I bit down on a slice I regretted my decision.
The pizza tasted like salted cardboard with stretchy stuff covering the top.
After that we stayed to watch the World Cup between Germany and Argentina (much to my boredom).
After that was done we finally went home.


The last day my dad and Dina went to a museum AGAIN.... without me.
I had to stay home all day again... great!
When they finally came back we went out to take a last walk around Paris.
Parvis took us to this awesome park where many natural formations, like water caves and spring streams, were just ubtouched. There were also these two jazz students making fantastic use of the acustics the water and the cliff-face gave. I had hoped we would be there for a while, but like with everything we just had to walk on by, only being able to enjoy it as we kept on the move.
That didn't stop me from recording 6 minutes of the jazz students and snapping some nice pictures ;P…………………

Not long after we exited the park did we walk past what Daniel claimed to be a Harley Davidson. Whatever it was, the one thing I knew was that it was a cool looking bike:…

After that, we decided to take our walk past the river. I took some nice pictures there:…………

Later on, on a bridge near the Notre Dame, was this line of artists.
One was playing on a piano, another was a magician and doing allsorts of tricks and then there was another group of talented jazz players. We lingered there for a bit. It was pretty cool.…

We didn't visit the Notre Dame, just walked past it from behind.
I came a day later to Paris than my dad and my two brother from his side and they went already so they didn't feel like going again despite I never saw it. I did make a nice picture from the back just as the sun was going to hide behind its roofs:…

Then we came to this bridge covered in millions of padlocks.
I was told that every padlock represents a secret, and usually secret love.……

I managed to get a nicer angle of the Notre Dame as we crossed the padlock-filled bridge of love secrets.…

About now I felt like being artisting with the sunset mode of the camera I was using. When we passed a university, I took this nice picture of a sun-dappled statue that represented the university's founder:…

And a picture that worked out perfectly. My dad and Parvis walking up a street towards the sunset:…

And the sn turning the roofs of Paris into dark siluets:…

And a very nice picture of the river we went back to later on as the sun set:…

We were later winding through streets filled with French eateries, French restaurants and French delacasies shops with plenty of Chinese-run Japanese restaurants in between. Our point was to find one of those places that sold bowels of icecream, and suddenly on our way:…
An Irish feckin' pub!!
Ok, most of you readers will probably shrug it off, but for me (who has lived in Ireland for 8 years) it was like "Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!! :XD:".
It stood out like a bloody sore thumb among all the soft colors the other shops had around it. And no French came from inside that building, only accented English.
It was literally like somebody took a slice of Éire and plemped it right in the middle of Paris!

So, back along the river, I found out that our destination was a particular bridge that would have a view of the fireworks that were going to be shown.
Thats when I realised that it was the 14th and that it was important (more important than new year here) to France... you know... with heads rolling and all.
Along the river I spotted something, and I have to ask you, whats better than a restaurant... or even a tourboat?
A restaurant tourboat!!…

At the same place I snapped a pic from Daniel and my dad together:…

Right next to the bridge we were supposed to go on was this court of law thing:…

Waiting for the fireworks to pop up to aaaagggeeeeeeessss!
Just over two hours we waited there and I was seriously wondering what the rush was earlier that day when I was filming the jazz students.
So I was a little bugged.
The sunset looked really awesome though.
Behind me it was so dark blue it was almost pitch black, but infront it was soft orange. The one color flowed infront of the other in a perfectly smooth gradient:…
Unfortunately I could only take a pic of what was infront of me.

Finally the fireworks started.
Thats when the camera decided it was a fantastic time to run out of batteries!
Seriously perfect timing. One instant its saying 100% full, and the instant I push on the record video button it say battery exhausted! I got as far as a 2 second recording.
Taking pictures was terrible.
The fireworks were too far away to see properly, and in order view it on the cam I had to zoom in so far that the slightest shake of my hand totally blurred the picture... so yeah...

Afterwards we had to go home, and you wouldn't BELIEVE how crowded the metro's were!
People... literally... could barely fit in! When the doors opend of a train people tried their hardest not to tumble out.
Before me, Dina and Daniel could take could struggle into a metro (my dad and Emil managed to quickly squeeze into one) we had to wait for the third metro to pass.
It felt terrible.
I had less then a meter to fit in.
There was this women on top of me infront, these two Japanese people glued on me behind.
Luckily the line 11 metro wasn't that stuffed, but I was glad to be back at the apartement. That last bit in the metro drained the last bit out of me.


We all had to get up early.
My train would go at 7 minutes past 12pm and my dad had to deliver the key of the apartement before 10am.
I had to say my farwells on the metro station of line 11 because I had to go one way and they another.
After finally reaching Gare de Lyon I had to find a way to kill 2 hours before I could board the train.
Then I found out there in fact was a train that would've gone to Perpignan direct instead of stepping over to another train at Bezier. I stood there wondering why my didn't bookme the direct train that left an hour and a half earlier.
I went to the local shopping mall to find something intresting only to find everything was closed, so I went outside and ate one of the two sandwitches my dad made the night before as lunch.
Along the way back into the Gare de Lyon I saw these free to use things standing around. I saw a piano, excercise bikes and a whole assortement of other things... each with their own real life "Like" button.
Like buttons!?
Facebook, google, YouTube, Twitter etc and any website that has any of them integrated already has a like button.... we really need them invading the real world!? :XD:………

I went back to that shopping mall, and lo and behold the shops were all open.
I found this epic shop that shold models of just about everything!
I stood there in that shop gloating at all the model WWI and WWII warplanes, starships from StarWars, StarTrek or some franco belgian comic or even the Space Battleship Yamato. Then there were Batmobiles of multiple versions, Mark 42 Iron Man suits among others, whole assortements of  superhero and supervillain characters prepainted hardmodels or do-it-yourself.
I tore myself away from there to look at the bookshop next to the modelshop.
There I found out there actually exists a comic of Plants vs Zombies!
It was time to go, so I had to take myself  out of the bookstore to catch my train.
The train ride was rather uneventful.
I ate my other sandwitch.
Drank all my water.
Bought a chocolate cookie.
Read a chapter in Clash of Kings
And slept for a bit.
When I finally reached Bezier I found out my train, and many others, would be 40min late.
I took some time then to walk to the shopping mall anf buy myself a nice bottle of Tonic.
When I came back there was at least still 20 minutes to go before my train would arrive.
Trains came and went.
My train didn't come.
For a moment a train headed for Barcelona, wich would also make a stop at Perpignan, confused me a bit. But it turned out it wasn't my train after all.
30 minutes overtime and my train still didn't arrive.
Finally after one and a half hours overtime my tiny pinprick of a train came chuffing along.
It literally was just /ENGIN]-[CARRAIGE]-[ENGIN\
And not my train.
Sure, right train line, but not the right train number.
Well screw it, I thought, let them put me in trouble for boarding the wrong train! Not my bloody fault my train disappeared into somekind of voidspace!
Luckily nobody  of any form of authority ever entered the train to check up on anything. I could just have had no ticket at all and nobody would seem to care at all.
But shit, that train was just SO SLOOOOOOOWWWWW....
The TGV went 300kph, this one didn't seem to go faster than 80!!
It took me nearly as much time to reach the short distance from Bezier to Perpignan as it took me to reach Bezier from Paris!
Well, I did finally get to Perpignan, and I needed to have a shit so much I basically ran out of the bloody train to the toilets... only to find out others had the same idea just before me and I had to stand, wait and dance like a bloody fool.
When I was done I went straight to the bus stops at the stations for the final leg of the journey. There was a bus waiting, but it had no markings and I didn't know what time it was, so I asked a person what time it was but he told me I had ti find out myself. So I went inside to find a clock.
Turned out it was the exact time of my bus... and there was only one bus outside.
I ran outside as fast with my heavy and unhandy bag as I could to catch that bus, but was too late.
That merited another 1 hour and 20 minutes to wait for the next, and last, bus to take me home.
That really pissed me off.
I read some more from my book to pass the time.
Finally the bus arrived and I was off home!
I decided to surprise everyone with my home coming, so I sneaked up the stairs and through the hallway.
Tara, our Akita Inu, woke up from where she was sleeping when I entered the kitchen and gave a low small bark. I turned around and said "SSSHHHHHH!!!!".
She seemed to have understood, because she lowered her ears and head and creaped slowely and silently after me through the kitchen, not making a single whisper.
Until I jumped into the living-room and surprised my mother. Tara burst into excitement and jumped me.
All the other were still at the river enjoying the night-time coolness.
As it turned out, the weather here had improved drastically from cloudy and rainy to bursting sunshine and swealtering heat almost as soon as I left.

That was about the odds and ends of my trip to Paris.
There are still two vids for me two show. One where I filmed panoramics from various locations:…

And a video of the various artistic talents I found on the streets of Paris, including the two jazz students in the park:…

To be quite honest, I'm happy to be home!
To have mountains and green all around me besides noise and drab!

Now... back to business I suppose.
Still have a contest entry to finish.
Then I should get on hard with my comic.

This spot is for features! I'll keep a feature active till my next journal update (wich usually takes quite a while) or if the time between the one entry and the other was too short I'll keep it for that one too. How to get a feaure? Well, feature me and I'll feature you ^^

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  • Listening to: The song "Happy" drowning out the warp drive hum.
  • Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Watching: Stars wizz by
  • Playing: Mass Effect, TES: Oblivion
  • Eating: Starship food rations
  • Drinking: Starship drink rations

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I-S-Sketchdumps Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
you still alive?
Tattorack Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah? I guess? :XD:
I know, haven't been posting much lately.
Thats because I was busy making animated renders from one of my Bionicle creations.
Couldn't just post it here like that though, you need to fill out a special DeviantArt form to see wether or not the snobby stuffshirts think I'm good enough to post videos here.
So, I would've posted my stuff about a week ago if I weren't still waiting for their reply (and its taking a bloody while too!).
I-S-Sketchdumps Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
oh boy, sounds like a riot.
Tattorack Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Almost, but not quite yet :XD:
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DrakeTheDragon-1980 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Thank you for the :+fav:s and :+devwatch:
Very interesting gallery you have here. I might go and read your comic on its page once I get the time.
Read too far into it already to just end it now, without reading to the end of it.
Tattorack Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't expect to read all too much.
I got only about 22 pages done.
But thanks ^^
Not many people actually show an intrest in my story.
DrakeTheDragon-1980 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
They don't know what they're missing.
And my story's on hiatus as well, still several years worth of daily continuation only existing in my memory up to now missing, so I know that feeling.
Tattorack Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YES! Thats exactly me right now, all in the head, yet to reach paper (or in this case, the Wacom).

And my comic (so far)? It looks good? Not to difficult to read or understand?
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Calates Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav mate
Tattorack Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good stuff needs favorites!
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