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The New Gamma gate by Tattorack
The New Gamma gate
The New Gamma Gatekeeper/Clockmaker gate.
With this gate its possible to travers to other 11 dimensional coordinates (like other universes).
Crossover V: New friends? by Tattorack
Crossover V: New friends?
Well, this took a while to finish!
Most character ever in a drawing? Not quite, another crossover pic takes that award.
But this one takes second place!

Here we see the characters Felix, Zak, Arcto, Dangurd, Itho and Rathaniel hanging out inside a lounge currently rented
by Felix.
The lounge is on the Star City New Gamma in orbit of the trans-dimensional gatekeeper/clockmaker gate.
Felix and Zak are talking about... something (probably about repairing Zak's ship. Trans-universal tears can be bumpy rides) and Dangurd
is testing out how much alcohol a Terrasaur can actually drink before they pass out. The others aren't doing much to discourage him.

Characters (from left to right) :

Felix Ixe (Human/Qut'#'*z* hybrid, Animoid) "We failed stopping the drones. Now we just have to live with what they've done".
Zakane T'shano Kaiyo (Terotewaukian, extradimensional Humanoid) "Now that I'm here, I can't help but wonder what opportunities I might find!"
Arcto Acrotus (
Myremekoid, extradimensional Insectanoid) "krr tkr klkt tvk zkrr tkr, kqrv ztk krr klrk kzkrkq tkr!"
Dangurdiaik Tkella (Terrasaur, Surranoid-Reptanoid) "He keeps the action coming. I'm never going to accept that promotion for a boring high command post!"
Itho Ter’skila (N'quille, extradimensional Humanoid) "No no no! Its 'exponential'! I don't care if you're drunk, learn to say it properly!"
Rathaniel (Shapeshifter, Animimic-Humanoid) "Wow, you actually got four eyes? May I touch you?"

Six guys. Not a single female in sight!
Gotta make it up to the girls somehow...
(Hmm, already got an idea...)

Anyway, Felix, Dangurd and Rathaniel from Deep Space belong to me.
Zak, Arcto and Itho from the GDF belong to :iconworldbuildersinc:
Saw Age of Ultron yesterday in the brand new local IMAX! This was super awesome!!!


Tattorack's Profile Picture
Sassan Alexandre Adl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What's a Doogee you say?
Well its a smartphone from China that resembles an older Samsung a lot.
Yeah, you could say its a knockoff, but so what? It shares much of the same power and handability of one only with the oh so reduced price of 80 dollars (or actually 600DKK).
so yeah, I'm very happy with it!

Speaking of which;
If I had a kroner for every time I see somebody drop their smart phones here I'd be able to challenge Bill Gates with who has the biggest business in-come!
No, correction, I'd spend that money on buying the hundred smartphone repair shops here ON THE SAME BLOODY STREET and THEN I'll challenge Bill Gates!
Seriously! I've never seen people drop their smart phones as often as here! (And they're mostly late teen girls too).
Having a repair shop is fantastic here, as seen by all the low price repair shops you can see every 50 or so metres when walking down any street.

OK, that aside, it finally became nice weather here and I can finally enjoy it (sort of).
The very first day it became good weather something was kind kind enough to grant me a splitting headache! As in, a really fucking bad one!!
I still enjoyed the sun, but whatever gave me the headache decided that it just won't do and made every day afterwards a rainy windy nightmare. The same rainy windy nightmare that gave me my cold and made me go to school for the past week with a drippy nose and a sore throat.
Well that's mostly cleared up now and same goes for the clouds!
So yeah, some good news after all.

That's it from me for now!
Until next time!


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A pool... so I could hopefully jump in it? Nah! I just need stuff, and I'm hoping as hard as I can...

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